Photo: Magdis d.o.o.

Biobaza Sun is a line of natural products for preparing the skin for sunbathing, as well as for achieving a bronze complexion, which has been positioned – for years, as a bestseller on the Croatian market. Biobaza Sun high-quality products are special as they are rich in natural extracts of orange and purple carrots, as well as butter and nourishing oils that effectively stimulate natural tanning, and at the same time nourish, soothe and protect the skin from drying out. Rich, fragrant marmalades, as well as oils will make your skin beautiful and radiant, and give a tanned complexion natural and long-lasting effect. After-sun lotions additionally hydrate and nourish the skin after sun exposure, and boost the lifetime of tanned skin. Look for Biobaza Sun products in all drugstores or larger groceries along the Adriatic coast. And enjoy in the magic of naturally bronze tan. 

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