Photos: Blue Nautica

Explore the unique underwater adventure designed for the whole family.

The museum’s permanent display is only 2 mi off Trogir, placed on the seabed at a shallow depth ranging from 4 to 12 m, which makes it possible for everyone – swimmers, snorkellers, free divers and scuba divers – to visit this undersea museum.

A real military plane under the sea

In addition to the already existing underwater Way of the Cross, which consists of all the stations and is unique in the world, a new theme has been added to the museum. A real military plane has been placed at a depth of only 10 m, which has made the underwater museum an interesting snorkelling and scuba-diving location, suitable for anyone to explore in its entirety. This old written-off plane has got a new life and has been turned into a real undersea attraction. It has been completely touched-up, and all mechanical parts and all other components that could pose a threat to the environment have been removed, taking special care of marine life.

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