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Discover the luxurious world of Croatian heritage in silk making

Sometimes you walk into a shop just because you want to take a peek. Your attention is drawn by a beautiful window display or a catchy slogan, or you just simply need to take a break after an exhausting sightseeing tour through the scorching streets of the city basking in sunshine, so you enter and look around. Some places are cosy, some less so; there are boring ones or those that are so posh that make you feel uncomfortable. However, there are also places where you would like to stay forever.

At the very entrance to the magical city of Zadar, there is a showroom of the luxury fashion brand Croata, situated in the historic Cedulin palace. In the impeccable interior of what once was a Zadar aristocratic family’s residence dating back to the 12th century, CROATA Museum Concept Store shows how strong the connection between fashion, tradition and cultural heritage is.
Such is the new concept of interior design in the Croata showroom. It is as if you have stepped into a fairy-tale, into a drawing room of an aristocratic family’s house, and you are not sure whether it belongs to late classicism, the Empire Style with accentuated Roman elements, or if it is a fusion of styles marked by a wealth of designs, golden hues and designer furniture tastefully placed in a space that, however lavish, is nevertheless an unpretentious backdrop to the museum concept and its exhibits.
And since this is also a museum, you have a chance to hear a story told to honour the necktie, an item of clothing that embodies and promotes the values of Western civilization, symbolising culture and grace. CROATA Museum Concept Store tells the story of its origin in a series of museum narratives dedicated to the famous people from Zadar. This is a museum interpolated into a commercial space, an innovative step forward in the retail business, recognised back in 2008 at the European Meeting Focused on Company Museums, which was held in Milan and attended by brands such as Ferrari, Ducati, Siemens, Guinness, and Sony.
If a colourful assortment of silk scarves, shawls and neckties is added to all this, along with a wide range of products such as men’s and women’s accessories and shirts, an awe-inspiring environment is created, enchanting not only the local population but also tourists, who, year in year out, fall in love with this Croatian brand and with one of the most beautiful Dalmatian cities.
It should also be stressed that the interior of this new design concept, on a par with international brands, was designed by a female architect with connections to France. Perhaps history is repeating itself because it was the French who, in the 17th century, took over an item that formed part of Croatian soldiers’ uniform and adopted this new piece of clothing worn à la Croate (in the Croatian manner).
There are many stories and verses dedicated to this proud Dalmatian city, where, among other things, the first Croatian university, a philosophical and theological university of the Dominican order, was founded back in 1396.
Krešimir Ćosić, a Croatian and world basketball legend and one of the best European basketball players of all time, is also represented in the showroom. The famous basketball player and coach became a member of the prestigious Basketball Hall of Fame and left his mark on the continent where basketball was born.

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