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Each piece of Damiani jewelry is a unique work of art made by expert goldsmiths, as a result of unique designs, great attention to detail, and the use of high-quality gems.

The Margherita collection is inspired by the modern and fascinating Margherita of Savoy, known for its refined beauty, royal poise, and decisive character. This favorite
queen fuelled the creativity of Enrico Grassi Damiani who dedicated a precious floral gem to her.
Queen Margherita’s passion for art, as well as the expertise of Damiani jewelers, are united in the rings, bracelets, and necklaces of this collection that subtly combines
precious and semi-precious stones, elegant settings, and unusual details, reviving tradition and modernity.
This collection is characterized by a completely handmade floral element that awakens the elegance of Margherita, a beautiful flower given in Italy among couples in love to express their connection. The linear and geometric design is adorned with blissful gems carefully selected by expert goldsmiths of Valenza.

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