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Tourism study programme that follows the development trends of the tourism industry

Investments in the development of nautical infrastructure, digital transformation, but also improving the experience and knowledge of employees working in tourism, are the backbone of the progress of the entire tourism economy in Croatia. The tourism study programme at Edward Bernays University College devotes particular attention to these features of tourism development with an emphasis on the importance of the tourism experience, innovative entrepreneurship and learning through experience.
“Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, Croatia has achieved great results in tourism, with nautical tourism being one of the flagships of the tourism industry. In order to carry on the continuous success, to the satisfaction of all, it is necessary to regularly monitor new tourism trends, to work to increase the quality of the entire tourism offer and to implement a strategic approach to the education and training of tourism professionals, both future and present. Bernays’ tourism study programme covers all of these features”, emphasized Katarina Miličević, head of the Tourism Department at Bernays and founder of thinktourism.

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