Gastro and sailing enthusiasts coming to Croatia will easily be tempted by the allure of the healthiest cuisine in the world – the Mediterranean cooking. First-class ingredients and the surroundings that are a perfect fit for these dishes are the reasons why boaters regularly return to one of the world’s most beautiful seas

A good sailing trip is not complete without savouring culinary delights. A fine meal and premium local wine enjoyed while looking at the blue sky is true hedonism at sea, and Croatia is the promised land for many foodies.
In order to enhance your sailing experience in the Adriatic, we have prepared a boaters’ list of restaurants in or near ACI marinas where you can enjoy what only sailing and living at sea can offer.

Damir & Ornella – Novigrad

In a somewhat secluded alley in Novigrad’s old town, you will find a real culinary treasure. Situated in a family house, Konoba Damir & Ornella is where the Istrian version of sashimi found its king’s palace. A simple yet highly sophisticated menu offers only the best of the sea, and the taste of the fish that just a few hours earlier still swam in the sea, combined with excellent extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of lemon, guarantees a unique experience.

Cap Aureo – Rovinj

Located on the fifth floor of the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, this restaurant has a million-dollar view of the old town and the boats moored in ACI Marina Rovinj. In addition to the open kitchen and a chef’s table, where dishes are prepared in front of the guests, the menu consists of twenty or so items, which are actually stories inspired by the cucina povera (lit. ‘kitchen of the poor’). Harmony, playfulness, new flavours and textures of well-known ingredients make Cap Aureo an exceptional fine dining experience.

Agli Amici – Rovinj

The restaurant whose menu is created by the famous Italian chef Emanuele Scarello, brings to Rovinj a Michelin-starred cuisine. Located in the heart of ACI Marina Rovinj, the restaurant offers to its guests not only stunning views of Rovinj’s old town and the island of Sveta Katarina but also a unique and unforgettable gastronomic experience. Elegance, precision and originality are presented in several tasting menus faithful to the regional and Mediterranean cuisine.

Batelina – Banjole

Owned and run by Danilo Skoko, Konoba Batelina is a family-owned restaurant whose offer is based on fish mainly caught by the family members. The menu here is almost an unknown term because the choice of dishes is dictated by the catch of the day under the motto ‘provided by the sea’. The cuisine is based on traditional recipes from mum Alda with innovative additions from son David.

Nebo – Rijeka

In the immediate vicinity of Rijeka, there is the Hilton Rijeka Costabella Beach Resort & Spa with the Michelin-starred restaurant Nebo, which is located on the highest, fifth, floor of this glass-walled hotel, offering breath-taking views of Kvarner Bay. Run by chef Deni Srdoč, Nebo quickly found its way to the very top of the Croatian gastronomy scene. The style of cooking at Nebo is a combination of modern and traditional elements, and the menu offers dishes and ingredients from all Croatian regions. The selected ingredients grown by Croatian farmers and producers correspond to the chef’s farm-to-table and zero food waste philosophies.

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