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You have been the head of the company Ericsson Nikola Tesla since January 1st 2005. There are not many heads of companies in the Croatian context who have been on the highest position for such a long period of time, especially in such a significant company. Is there a recipe for success? What still drives you, are you tired?

I think that every job, especially in the managing positions, which includes the most complex and stressful responsibilities in today’s turbulent environment, demands plenty of knowledge, skills, abilities and, of course, result. If you want to succeed in such a competitive industry such as ICT, you simply have to surround yourself with quality people and systematically recognize their competences and devoted work. I am aware that, as a leader, I have to constantly innovate and motivate the business organization to grow and develop, while creating a stimulating company culture. I transfer that to my closest associates, with the intention of providing every employee with the conditions to achieve set goals and plans through the liberation of their full potential. Only then can you expect the maximum from each individual. There are things which cannot be compromised – people recognize and value you for them. Those are: expertise, professionalism and knowledge, as well as human qualities. I simply value and choose people according to their abilities and human qualities and it is the way I want others to perceive me.

What business results are you expecting in 2018?

We will remember this past year as a very demanding and challenging one. Even though the final results are yet unknown, I can already say that 2017 for Ericsson Nikola Tesla will be another in the string of years with solid achievements. We will certainly remember the year for its numerous challenges, but also the possibilities we have used to the maximum and the quality results on our markets, where our experts have successfully carried out important projects. Thanks to spreading our business and new responsibilities, service export in Ericsson is still growing. Those are the facts that show that quality and high value added, which our experts deliver, are recognized by buyers throughout the world, as well as in the Ericsson company.

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