Photo: 878

The protection of sailors, the use of flexible and abrasion-resistant materials, and the provision of navigation data are extremely important, for which the 878 found the unique solution – the most innovative sailing attire on the market. 

The products are made of graphene, a material that is ultra-lightweight yet flexible, stretchy, perfectly waterproof, stronger than steel, which, as the main feature, provides about the same feeling of heat at both five and twenty degrees Celsius. The creators of the “super material” received a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.
Also, the apparel can be perfectly tailor-made thanks to the 3D body scan, which can significantly contribute to the athletes’ performance. Wearable innovation is reflected in this unique product: a digital, foldable UV-protected display built in the jacket, to which a little onboard unit transmits data from the boat instrument via Bluetooth. In addition, different data can be set up by the coach or team captain for each individual on board.
The clothes are made in Hungary, in the company’s factory, equipped with Europe’s most modern machines using technological innovations. 878 operates as a waste-free company using chemical-free materials and with minimal water usage in production. We believe that with first smart sailing apparel, we can offer sailors an innovative solution that can enhance their potential across a wide spectrum” said István Papp, the CEO.

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