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Croatia is a country of great potential, and in order to unlock it, it is essential that the digital strategy is at the core of all national plans because digitalisation is the lever of future growth – growth that has all the possibilities to no longer be “just” linear but exponential. 

Accordingly, the development of technology and digitalisation continue to be a priority for Hrvatski Telekom, which is leading the digital transformation of Croatia through continuous investments in network infrastructure and innovative services. In 2020 alone, as the largest private investor in the digitalisation of Croatia, HT made investments of over HRK 1.7 billion, which, among other things, resulted in record fibre optic coverage: in just one year, more than 6,000 kilometres of fibre optic cables, equivalent to the full radius of the Earth, were laid and more than 80 thousand new households and companies were provided with fibre optic speeds.

Leading mobile network and 5G

Significant investments in network modernisation during previous years have resulted not only in improvements in fixed and mobile networks and excellent customer experience, but in Hrvatski Telekom being confirmed as the leading network in Croatia by independent analyses carried out by the international institutions Ookla and umlaut. In fact, an analysis of millions of tests done by the users within their networks showed that the Hrvatski Telekom mobile network is among the ten fastest mobile networks in the world.
One of HT’s most important contributions to progress in 2020 was the launch of the first commercial 5G network, which placed Croatia alongside the world’s most technologically advanced countries, which is in line with the goal of Hrvatski Telekom to connect everyone using the possibilities that digitalisation offers – in industrialisation, manufacture, tourism, agriculture, healthcare, education, gaming, smart cities; there is no sector that will not benefit from 5G. In fact, one of the essential features of 5G is that it will provide the coastal areas and islands with high-speed internet, which is of great importance to the local population, tourism in general as well as nautical tourism.

Free WiFi

Hrvatski Telekom continues to digitalise cities, municipalities and islands in Croatia at all levels, and one example is the realisation of the project of free public WiFi Internet as part of the WiFi4EU initiative, which is of great benefit to residents and foreign visitors.


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