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Nautor’s Swan & ACI share the same passion for sailing

The partnership with ACI Sail is a great way to start developing and recognizing Croatia as a top regatta destination. We were delighted by the knowledge, dedication and vision the ACI people have got for this project. We have turned all this positive energy into a cooperation which is a great challenge for all of us, but at the same time, an opportunity to reach a new sailing success in Croatia.

Two ‘things’ have marked the life of Leonard Ferragamo. Haute couture (high fashion) and boats. The son of the famous fashion designer Salvatore Ferragamo is a successful businessman, but above all, he is a passionate sailor. While sitting on the terrace of one of the world’s most eminent sailing clubs Real Club Náutico de Palma and talking about sailing, Leonardo Ferragamo radiates the passion for the sea, total freedom and pleasure. The Croatian Crew’s debut on the regatta The Nations Trophy, as well as the presentation of the ACI Sail project that will have the world’s unique ACI Sail ClubSwan 36 Training Center in Split, was a great opportunity for a chat with the icon of today’s nautical industry.

I have always believed that sailing is the best way for a family vacation and relax. You must use your brain, work as a team and, finally, the entire family gains an extra value of that vacation. There is no other form of transportation that can use natural forces. Sailing involves mental and physical activity, as well as hanging out with people while discovering different parts of the world. All this makes sailing so intriguing.

What do you think about the ACI Sail project presented at The Nations Trophy regatta?

From my personal experience, I can tell that Croatia is a great nautical destination. I enjoyed sailing the Hvar archipelago several times and had a great time. I saw beautiful bays, great cuisine and hospitable people. There is nothing else you need on vacation… The partnership between Nautor’s Swan and ACI is a brilliant start in the development of Croatia as a top regatta-sailing destination. We were delighted by the knowledge, dedication and vision the ACI people have for this projected and I wish them a warm welcome to the big Swan’s family. Nautor’s Swan and ACI share the same passion: sailing, love for the sea and teamwork, and delivering excellence. We have turned all this positive energy into cooperation that is a great challenge for all of us and at the same time an opportunity for reaching new sailing successes in Croatia.

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