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The old Roman name of Oio Vivo, or ‘oil that is alive’, is a nod to the Istriot dialect, and their extra virgin olive oils have been in the top 20 finest oils in the world in Flos Olei, the highly prestigious guide to olive oils

For many years, Istria has been known as one of the world’s best regions for extra virgin olive oils, and the many awards that the oils from the Croatian biggest peninsula have won at the world’s most prestigious and relevant trade fairs serve to prove this. Oio Vivo is among the most distinguished brands and its clear vision, determination, collectivity, innovation, coupled with responsibility and respect for the community and nature have resulted in the creation of top-quality oil.

Oio Vivo, ‘oil that is alive’, has been given an old Roman name in a nod to the Istriot dialect, which is still in use in the Vodnjan area today. It is a name that points to the millennia-long tradition of olive oil production, linking the geographical position that is perfect for olive cultivation with an innovative approach to olive oil production.
The story of the Oio Vivo brand started in 2005, when the largest olive grove in southern Istria was planted on a fire-devastated land. In a green oasis, situated only 5 km from the sea, olive groves with a beautiful and unique view of the Brijuni Islands have been the essence of Istria that is difficult to feel indifferent to.
In the Oio Vivo range, you can currently find the monovarietal oils Istarska Bjelica, Vodnjanska Buža, Rosignola, and Žižolera, the old local cultivar, as well as two blends, Gajardo and Bon, the quality of which has been recognised by certified olive oil experts, members of many international jury panels. It could be said that in 2022, they conquered the world. In big competitions from New York to Tokyo, to Paris, London, Monte Carlo and Dubai, where they sent their olive oil samples, they only won gold medals. The impressive series includes: the Dubai Olive Oil Competition, which is an international competition of the world’s best producers of extra virgin olive oil, where they won 3 gold medals; the New York International Olive Oil Competition – 4 gold medals; Olive Japan, the largest olive oil competition in Asia and Oceania, where they won 3 gold medals: Pariz AVPA Gourmet World Edible Oils – 2 gold medals; Monte Carlo Masters of Olive Oils Monaco – 3 gold medals; and 2 gold medals in the London International Olive Oil Competitions.

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