Photo by: Uwe Dettmar IVAN ĐIKIĆ THE MOST SUCCESSFUL CROATIAN SCIENTIST OF OUR TIME Ivan Đikić is one of the most successful Croatian scientists abroad. Even though he has just entered his fifties, he has fulfilled his scientific resume with quite impressive achievements. He is currently a professor of medicine at the Goethe University Frankfurt; […]


Photo by: Davor Žunić SVEN MARIČIĆ A PIONEER OF 3D PRINTING IN CROATIA AND A MAN WHO MAKES SPARE PARTS FOR THE HUMAN BODY Assistant Professor Sven Maričić has been holding lectures on the topic of 3D printing for years across Croatia, but also in Dubai, Denmark and throughout Europe. Just recently he has shared […]



Photo: Sandro Puncet SANDRO PUNCET Stormchaser Sandro Puncet, a storm chaser from the island of Lošinj, has been stirring up excitement throughout Croatia and the world with his genius photographs of lightning, clouds and other meteorological phenomena. His striking motives were recognized by the editors of the internet edition of National Geographic. They selected one […]


Photo by: ACI archives THE HISTORY OF THE ACI CUP The biggest names of sailing in the world in the two decades of ACI When ACI marinas started sprouting throughout the Adriatic Sea mid-1980s, the idea of organizing a sports manifestation which would gather the most renowned names of world sailing every year at the […]


Photo by: ACI archives KRISTIJAN PAVIĆ PRESIDENT OF THE MANAGEMENT BOARD OF ACI D.D. Kristijan Pavić, nautical engineer, started his career as the main electronics officer at the cruisers of Carnival Cruise Linea, an American-British travel company which today has 24 cruisers. After six years of “navigating” the world seas, he returns to Croatia in […]


Photo by: Ainhoa Sanchez / Volvo Ocean Race PETER BURLING The world’s best skipper In the history of sports, only three men had the nickname Pistol Pete. The first one was the late amazing American basketball player Pete Maravich, who, according to one tale, earned his nickname because, when he shot hoops, it looked like […]


Photo by: Petar Fabijan GORAN ČOLAK The most-awarded freediver of all times When the famous Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt broke the 100 meters and 200 meters world records in Berlin in 2009, that event was received in the international public as a world sensation. What the “Lightning Bolt” did in the athletic arena has been […]


Photo by Petar Fabijan IVAN LJUBIČIĆ A career after… Ivan Ljubičić is a man who cares about people; family, colleagues from the world of sports… Like many top athletes, he wanted to continue in the same line, and after a great career – with superb achievements, to push the limits, building his name alongside sports […]

Diamond Palace & Crystal Palace

Photo by: Globus Exclusive archive Diamond Palace & Crystal Palace A new concept of luxurious casinos in Croatia With or Without De Niro? “Hey, is this De Niro?” the first guy asked. “Oh, come on, De Niro who, you mean, like, the De Niro, Robert De Niro, the actor?” the second guy fired back at […]


CHECK IN FOR A LUXURY WITH A VIEW The untouched nature, Mediterranean climate and indented coastline with its many islands, the gastronomic offer which earned accolades from the Michelin team, and the unique culture and history are just some of the qualities of Rovinj, the champion of Croatian tourism, which make it a must-see destination […]


Photo by Noa group archives NOA BEACH CLUB The King of Zrće Noa Beach Club is one of the most attractive, trendy and fun clubs on the entire Adriatic shore. Located above the water, it offers an epic view on the clash of the clear blue Adriatic Sea and grand Croatian mountains, in combination with […]

National parks on the Adriatic Sea

Mljet, Sv. Marija | Photo by: Ivo Biočina – HTZ National parks on the Adriatic Sea Croatia is proud to have exactly eight national parks, four in the coastal area and four in the mountain area. They include Brijuni, Kornati, Mljet, Krka, Plitvička jezera, Risnjak, Paklenica and Sjeverni Velebit. All four sea parks are near […]

Interview: Gordana Kovačević

Photo by Boris Šćitar Mr. Sc. GORDANA KOVAČEVIĆ THE PRESIDENT OF ERICSSON NIKOLA TESLA You have been the head of the company Ericsson Nikola Tesla since January 1st 2005. There are not many heads of companies in the Croatian context who have been on the highest position for such a long period of time, especially […]

Mate Rimac

Photos by: Rimac automobili Press Kit MATE RIMAC American Dream in Croatia He is the winner of the county and state competition of electric engineers and innovators in 2006; born in 1988, in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2006, Mate Rimac won Tesla’s Golden Egg and VIDI e-novation award for the best ICT product in […]


Photo by Davor Žunić ANDRIJA ŠIMIĆ THE OWNER OF SIMMOR MARITIME AGENCY Captain Andrija Šimić, the winner of the annual state award for the contribution to the development of maritime economy, claims that Croatia lacks 15,000 new berths, since it is a paradise for yachting tourism. “In 2017, the Caribbean felt how ruthless and devastating […]


veljko barbieri

Photo by: Barbieri family archives VELJKO BARBIERI THE FOUNDER OF THE LARGEST CHAIN OF MARINAS “Opponents, even enemies, are a basic part of man’s life. If I had had no opponents, it is uncertain whether I would have had the encouragementthat pushed me forward and that led me tonew projects,” Barbieri said during the presentationof […]