By: Martinija Bekavac, Executive Director B1 PLAKATI Stimulating innovation in the media scene through changes B1 Plakati was started in 1998, at the time when high-quality and innovative communication channels were in short supply in the advertising market, and advertisers were looking for new ways of approaching clients. Having a clear vision helped the company […]

MMK Systems

MMK Systems Booking Manager MMK Systems is setting trends in yacht charter industry with its product Booking Manager. Booking Manager System is the largest global distribution system (GDS) in the yacht charter segment offering a total of 8,500 boats available in real time from 600 charter operators in 350 destinations around the world. Its thorough […]


Photo by: MUSTO Ltd MUSTO Fabric technologies The English sailing brand MUSTO is known worldwide for its high-quality products and modern materials they are made of. The UPF and UV protection What is the UPF and UV protection? The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating indicates how many units of ultraviolet radiation a fabric blocks. This […]


Photo by: Boris Šćitar/Večernji list/PIXSELL IGOR ŠTAGLJAR A scientist who wants to stop cancer The Stagljar Lab. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Almost like a band you expect to play some good rock music. Even its website is very much like a comic strip, dominated by an image of a superhero scientist in a white coat […]


Photo by: Claes Hultling private archives THE CLAES HULTLING STORY he founder of the Spinalis Foundation is seen by many as the Swedish Christopher Reeve because, since sustaining an injury to his spine, he has dedicated his life to researching spinal cord injuries and promoting better rehabilitation. Claes Hultling is the founder of and a […]


Photo by: Davor Žunić DAMIR SABOL Creator of Photomath, the most popular croatian application To do this interview for ACI magazine, Damir Sabol, the founder and owner of Photomath, arrived in his office on the 14th floor of a Zagreb high rise early in the morning, at a time when most employees’ desks were still […]


Photo by: Davor Žunić FRÉDÉRIC BEIGBEDER International literary star on life and death I’m 53 and have two small children; I want to live as long as possible. I’ve travelled the world and asked scientists to tell me how long I can actually survive. Although he came to Croatia for a very short time, only […]


Photo by: Petar Fabijan THE KARLIĆ FAMILY – TRUFFLE HUNTERS The oldest trufflers in Istria The Karlić family from Istria have been truffling for sixty years; today, tourists from all over the world join them in their Istrian truffle hunting. They were the first in the region to plant an oak tree nursery to cultivate […]


Photo by: Ana Roš and Hiša Franko archive ANA ROŠ World’s Best Female Chef An hour and a half before the start of the dinner at the first Zagreb fair of beauty and luxury – Zagreb Winter FairYtale – the chef Ana Roš is having a meeting with her team. She speaks softly, passionately and […]


Photo by: Ivan Maričić BALE The cosiest place to live in Istria Characterised by a small number of inhabitants, rich history and the Scandinavian-type cosy lifestyle, Bale is considered by many to be an unusual blend of what is best in Istria and what makes it unique and unparalleled. This is why many people think […]


Photo by: Ervin Silić KORNATI NATIONAL PARK The Kornati Islands is a group of islands that are scattered very closely to each other, more closely than in any other archipelago in the Adriatic, and their number is among the largest in the Mediterranean. Because of the outstanding beauty of the landscape, the interesting geomorphology, the […]


Photo by: Goran Stanzl/Pixsell INTERVIEW: KRISTJAN STANIČIĆ The director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Last year was yet another record-breaking year for Croatian tourism, with more than 106 million overnight stays. How important is boating as a tourist product for Croatian tourism and how does it affect the number of tourist arrivals and overnight […]


Photo by: Audi mediacenter SECOND-GENERATION AUDI Q3 Successful model with new strengths The new Audi Q3 is a family SUV with excellent and diverse talents. In its second generation, it appears not only visually more self-confident but also more spacious and versatile. In the same fashion as the Audi top-of-the-range models, it incorporates a fully […]


Photo by: Croatia Boat Show Archives THE CROATIA BOAT SHOW – SPLIT The Croatia Boat Show is once again among the 10 largest boat shows in the world Eight thousand clients around the world have received letters and brochures about the boat show along with their invitation In mid-April the Western Waterfront in Split puts […]

Zagreb Winter FairYtale

Photo by: ZG WinterFairYtale Archives Zagreb Winter FairYtale A fairy tale come true A unique exhibition of beautiful and valuable things, Zagreb Winter FairYtale, justified its title of the best indoor event at the Advent in Zagreb. The common thread of the many events at the fair is best exemplified by saying: Life is beautiful. […]


Photo by: ACI archives YOUR POST FOUNDATION AND ACI SAILING TOGETHER IN IČIĆI This year marks the second time that ACI and the Your Post Foundation have organised a sailing trip for children living in children’s residential homes. Along with those from children’s homes situated in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Pula and Karlovac, we also […]


Photo by: ACI archive THE NEW ACI MARINA ROVINJ The largest investment in the history of ACI Construction work on the most modern and, considered by many, the most beautiful marina in the Adriatic, whose highest standards in design and technological solutions match those of world’s elite destinations, is over. We are happy to report […]


Photo by: Maistra RC44 A five-star sailing event Rovinj has been an haute nautical destination for more than 30 years. Rovinj has been Croatia’s top destination for a number of years. The unspoiled countryside, the Mediterranean climate, the indented coastline and numerous islands, the restaurant menus, recognised by none other than the Michelin team, the […]


Photo by: ACI archive IVICA KOSTELIĆ A new career in sailing When you have come out of the alley called Vu plavem trnaci, keep on going for a few hundred metres down the narrow country road, and voilà! You have come to the place where Ivica Kostelić, the celebrated Croatian skier, lives. Peace, nature and […]


Photo by: Christian Hartmann/REUTERS/PIXSELL ALBERTO CONTADOR The Spanish king of the mountains The good, the bad – El Pistolero Alberto Contador has never liked mediocrity. He would either win great bicycle races with style or lose them royally. El Pistolero, a nickname he got as a professional cyclist because he celebrated his victories like a […]


Photo by: Petar Fabijan ENRICO MAROTTI World surfer champion Last summer, Croatians celebrated the silver medal won at the World Cup tournament on streets and squares with enormous enthusiasm. Indeed, there are still those who will claim that the silver medal that the Croatian team brought home from Russia is just as good as the […]


Photo by: Nigel Marple/REUTERS/PIXSELL DENNIS CONNER Mr. America’s Cup People who have climbed to the top of the world in any field emanate a special kind of energy. Mentality, confidence, attitude and body movements in natural born winners are somehow different. Dennis Conner is just the exception that proves the rule. Although nearly eighty, in […]


Photo by: Petar Fabijan NENAD BAKIĆ Varteks must become the most innovative fashion house in Croatia In early 2018, on its 100th birthday, the former textile giant Varteks was on its last legs, burdened with debt, with workers leaving and retail sales decreasing. Nenad Bakić became the new Chairman of the Management Board. The well-known […]


Photo by: Manuel Kovšča MATEJA BENEDETTI Slovenian sustainable luxury fashion designer In each of my Benedetti Life collections, there is an underlying message about animal and plant species that humans have endangered. Rose Valley (Rožna dolina in Slovenian). The name calls to mind a place that is ideal for a person who enjoys being in […]


Photo by: Ford FORD IS BACK IN THE GAME In early 2018 a new team of people came to Ford with an important mission, to once again bring one of the world’s most important car brands back to the top. The first and crucial step was to establish a new and functional partner network in […]


Photo by: Jurica Galoić/PIXSELL DOMAGOJ ĐUKEC Head of Design for BMW Tailor of the best BMW suits In the past, some car designers were also called “tailors of steel”. The name comes from special versions of the Ferrari, Rolls Royce and similar exclusive cars that were tailor-made for customers. Domagoj Đukec, designer of Croatian origins, […]


Photo by: Pagani HORACIO PAGANI Automotive exotica His first workshop was in a small room at home, where he made car models out of wood and Nesquik tins; later, at the age of fourteen, he discovered the world of Leonardo da Vinci. Having explored the legacy of the greatest genius of the Renaissance, who made […]