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Mate Rimac is a visionary, an inventor, a designer, an innovator, entrepreneur, a great car enthusiast…. In short, a ‘game changer’

As someone once wrote, all great things started in a garage. Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Disney, etc. – to name just a few famous companies, because the list is very long.
For a new or young entrepreneur with big ideas and a small budget, a real office space is often not a priority in the first stages of a company development. Therefore, it is not surprising that rooms, garages, basements and student dorms are places where some of the most successful companies of today were born.

Mate Rimac started in a similar way when he set out to make his dream of electric hypercars come true in a garage in Sveta Nedjelja in 2008. Just a little over 10 years later, Mate Rimac is a visionary, an inventor, a designer, an innovator, entrepreneur, a great car enthusiast…. In short, a ‘game changer’, who marked 2021 by launching the Rimac Nevera hypercar and establishing a joint venture with Porsche that incorporates Bugatti.
‘I’m honoured to lead this new company that is bringing together the strengths of the two brands, and to start what will no doubt be a successful, revolutionary and exciting new chapter for everyone involved. We believe that what we have created with Bugatti Rimac is the best hypercar company in the world, combining more than a century of history, technical expertise and innovation with fast thinking, engineering genius and the pioneering electrification technology of Rimac Automobili. I can’t think of a better combination of expertise, and as a loyal Bugatti fan, I’m honoured to be leading this joint company as CEO into Bugatti’s revolutionary new future. Sharing business with friends from Bugatti and Porsche is something I could never have dreamed of,’ said Mate Rimac, who officially became CEO of Croatia-based Bugatti Rimac in November 2021.
And the next chapter is also ahead of the company Rimac Automobili, which hit the world of cars with Nevera last year. Named after the violent and sudden storm that races across the open sea off Croatia, this electric hypercar 2.0 has 1,914 HP, is capable of accelerating to 100 kph in 1.97 seconds, and takes 9.3 seconds to sprint to 300 kph. Impressive numbers, don’t you agree? With only 150 units made, exclusivity is guaranteed, and with an outstanding personalisation scheme, Rimac will offer its main model in various editions: GT, Signature, Timeless, and a Bespoke option as well. Every owner of Nevera will be invited to Croatia to design the car to their liking.
‘This is the car I dreamed of when I embarked on this “impossible” journey. All our hard work has resulted in the Nevera – our record-breaking hypercar. This car was created to outperform all others and to raise the bar; to raise the standards for high-performance cars. I have always wanted to do this in Croatia and prove that it can be done here. As the saying goes, everything is impossible until someone does it.

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