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Booking Manager

MMK Systems is setting trends in yacht charter industry with its product Booking Manager.

Booking Manager System is the largest global distribution system (GDS) in the yacht charter segment offering a total of 8,500 boats available in real time from 600 charter operators in 350 destinations around the world. Its thorough knowledge of the yacht charter industry has allowed MMK Systems to use its product called Booking Manager to set trends in the industry, and the process of constant innovation has enabled it to lay down the industry standard.

The system gives the possibility to its users to manage their entire charter fleet and, at the same time, to make the booking process automated and distribute their boating services online through the world’s largest distribution network. On a daily basis, 96% of Croatian charter companies use it in this way and over 70% of world charter services are provided through it.

An indispensable sales and promotion channel for all international charter operators, regardless of the size of their fleet

Booking Manager is ideal for both small charter operators with only one or just a few boats and for managing the world’s leading fleets with over 1,000 yachts.
The functions of the smart system save time for everyone, reduce costs, and accelerate the booking process, making the access to the market easier. In this way, Booking Manager has become an indispensable sales and promotion channel for all international charter operators.

Bookings increase by more than 50% per year

Thanks to its large base of boats, Booking Manager is an inevitable starting point for charter agencies around the world, which can register in a simple way in order to access a plethora of search options, boat bookings and possibilities of sending offers to clients. More than 3,000 agencies continue to use Booking Manager, thus confirming its leading status in the industry. By changing the habits of guests and boosting online booking, Booking Manager continues to grow rapidly because bookings increase by more than 50% per year, thus confirming its long-time status as the world’s primary distribution network for charter companies.

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