New Managment Board of ACI d.d. – Josip Ostrogović


Member of the Management Board in charge of Investments, Marketing and Retail

C.V.: Graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka with a degree in management, and earned a master’s degree in economics. Worked as a procurement manager in a large retail chain, followed by a 12-year period of entrepreneurship. From 2017 to 2021 he was chairman of the Supervisory Board of Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb d.d.
As regards Company’s investment priorities in the forthcoming development cycle, in addition to the thorough reconstruction of the land and sea facilities and the expansion of the capacity of existing marinas (e.g., ACI Marina Opatija), another priority that has been identified is the expansion of business to new marinas. By constructing new marinas, there is an opportunity to strengthen our market position, increase revenues and enhance competitiveness, resulting in even greater profitability for the Company. At the moment, almost 140 potential locations for marinas are being analysed in detail. For selected locations that prove to be profitable, a concession tender procedure will be initiated. At the same time, the Company will tackle problems that pose a real obstacle to further development, primarily the limitations arising from the current local self-governments’ spatial plans and, no less important, those concerning the concession periods as well as the expansion of concession areas intended for the commercial use of ports of nautical tourism – marinas.

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