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Photo: Oio Vivo

Oio Vivo, ‘oil that is alive’, has been given an old Roman name in a nod to the Istriot dialect, which is still in use in the Vodnjan area today. It is a name that points to the millennia-long tradition of olive oil production, linking the geographical position that is perfect for olive cultivation with an innovative approach to olive oil production, which has always resulted in the creation of top-quality oil.

The founders of the Oio Vivo story showed courage to begin anew when they planted the largest olive grove in southern Istria on a fire-devastated land in 2005.
A clear vision, determination, collectivity, innovation, coupled with responsibility and respect for the community and nature, are solid foundations on which the world-renowned brand of Oio Vivo olive oil has been created.
Olive groves emerged in a devastated place where there used to be a pine forest; today there is a grove of 15,000 young single varietal olive trees, situated only 5 km from the sea, with a beautiful and unique view of the Brijuni Islands.
The olive grove is a regular orthogonal grid, reminiscent of the Roman centuriation, i.e., way of property delineation, where individual varieties of olives are grown: five local ones, and two non-native, Italian, olive varieties.
Indigenous varieties, pure olive groves, integrated production, timely harvest and maturation of fruit, careful and quick processing and careful storage of oil are factors behind the quality of Oio Vivo olive oil determined by man striving for excellence.
Oio Vivo Istrian olive oil strengthens and celebrates life within us because it preserves valuable biological and nutritional ingredients.

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