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Rijeka is a city of rich history and dynamic present; a place full of new city views and life’s joys. Its newfound advantages as a tourist centre, miles away from the one-time image of a port and an industrial city, combine well with its former assets: its excellent transport connections make it easy to come to Rijeka by road, boat, rail or plane, but the city is also a starting point for new journeys.

The cityscape reflects the history of the city – from prehistory to Gothic and, later, Baroque architecture, followed by strong influences of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The layers of centuries have each left their architectural mark, creating an interesting city centre, rich in historical monuments.
Rijeka has a rich past, but it is not slave to it; it is pulsing in a dynamic rhythm of everyday life, which can best be felt in the very heart of the city, on the always vibrant central promenade, Korzo.
But even when the lights go out and many cities go silent, Rijeka lives intensively in cafés and restaurants offering delicious menus, and, of course, in clubs where young people can party into the small hours.
Rijeka’s calendar of events is full all year round, so visitors – regardless of the time of the year they come – will find many interesting and attractive events, be it music, theatre or art, and will be able to visit urban clubs where young people can have a great night out tailored to their age.
Rijeka has lived up to the title of a year-round tourist destination because there are so many events throughout the whole year, starting with our biggest brand, the world-famous Rijeka Carnival, which takes place at the beginning of the year. The brightest event of the year, Rijeka Advent, rounds it all off, with the whole city sparkling with countless lights, filled with scents of Advent spices and magic potions.

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