The Most Delicious Walk Through the Streets of Rovinj


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The town of Rovinj is happy to delight each of its visitors with the full splendour of its unique charm and beauty, and its biggest attraction is certainly the historic old town, vibrant and glowing in the early morning hours, and slightly dreamy and nostalgic at sunset. The labyrinthine streets of Rovinj hide many interesting details and secrets – from small, colourful shops, called butige by the locals, and their souvenirs and local products, to stunning views that you can enjoy only by climbing to the top of the Church of St Euphemia bell tower, not to mention the fascinating story of local shipbuilding and the traditional boats called batana, illustrative of the town’s centuries-old maritime history. However, foodies will be thrilled to know that there’s another side to Rovinj that is well worth exploring. Naturally, a day of sightseeing and exploring this Istrian town and its historical landmarks would leave anyone famished. It’s an ideal opportunity for you to try delicious new food, and for the town of Rovinj, an opportunity to once again show you why it is considered a top destination.

Agli Amici

The Agli Amici Restaurant is a rising star also located in Rovinj, its menu designed by the celebrated Italian chef Emanuele Scarello. You will find this unique, sophisticated, and elegant venue on the beautiful strip between the Grand Park Hotel and the marina, with a stunning terrace offering an unobstructed panoramic view of the sea. The restaurant’s guests can expect a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience. Its guiding principles are based on sustainability, passion, and exploration, additionally inspired by gorgeous views of the blue Adriatic from every corner of the restaurant. The Italian version of Agli Amici, found in Udine, is widely regarded by food critics and experts as one of Italy’s best, and its Rovinj counterpart is also second to none. The chef personally selected small growers, producers, and fishermen who can guarantee a supply of only the highest quality local produce. Three tasting menus are available to choose from: Godia, in honour of the restaurant in the eponymous district on the outskirts of Udine, Istria, inspired by Istrian cuisine, and Postcards from Rovinj. Truffles, sea bass fillets, lamb, and delicious potatoes are just a small part of the concept that was awarded a Michelin star during its first year of business, now deservedly one of the hottest spots in Rovinj, so make sure to book in advance.

Cap Aureo

Cap Aureo, restaurant with Michelin recommendation located in Grand Park Hotel, thrills visitors with its premium dining experience under the watchful eye of renowned chef Jeffrey Vella, inspired by the aromas and flavours of the bountiful Mediterranean region. Mentioning just a few standout details that should definitely convince you to add this restaurant to your list is no easy feat, but Vella’s devotion to local ingredients and the innovation that he brings out in each of them is certainly a major highlight. Most of the menus in this 55-Plate restaurant are vegetable-based. Examples include white asparagus with morel mushroom sauce, elderflower fritters, beetroot five ways, caramelised cauliflower, as well as the indispensable Istrian truffles. However, those who prefer meat dishes didn’t get the short end of the stick, either, especially with squid ink cacio e pepe pasta and numerous other meat and seafood delicacies. Cap Aureo’s wine list has been carefully designed to include a number of Croatian and international wines for a well-rounded dining experience. What makes this restaurant even more impressive is the spectacular view of the Rovinj scenery, making every meal an even greater pleasure.

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