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Croatian golf champion Vera Boras fell in love with this beautiful sport as a little girl.

ACI Marina Dubrovnik is a real gem in the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean. One of the most beautiful and safest marinas, offering mooring, storage and maintenance of yachts, ACI Marina Dubrovnik is famous for its Sorkočević Summer House. It is also the only marina on the Adriatic that has the innovative ACI Golf Range.

This latest innovative and well-developed concept of a golf range built on a tennis court-sized area promotes golf and makes it accessible to everyone. It consists of a driving range and a mini golf course and includes all the elements of a professional golf course where all the strokes played on actual golf courses can be practiced. Golf Range Concept is intended for boaters who come to ACI Marina Dubrovnik, as well as to everyone else who engage in this beautiful sport.
A regular guest at the golf range at ACI Marina Dubrovnik is the Croatian golf champion Vera Boras, who regularly uses this range to additionally improve her shots.
‘I must praise ACI for this Golf Range, which will surely popularise this beautiful sport in the Dubrovnik area. As the English like to say: ‘Practice makes perfect’. As an active and demanding golfer, I can say that this range provides an excellent, high-quality training, says Vera Boras, who spends seven to eight hours on the course every day.
Golf is an integral sport, both physically and mentally. It requires mental strength because you have to memorise a lot of things and to coordinate your muscles. Among millions of people attracted to it at first sight was Vera’s father, Tomas, who fell in love with golf while working on courses in Italy. He passed on this passion to his daughter, who was a little girl when she first took a golf club into her hands. And she was fascinated. Vera recorded her first major successes in her early teens, when she started defeating teenagers older than herself at tournaments, and, today, this student of a foreign-language secondary school, who is fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and French, is a promising player with a handicap of minus 1. As for her sporting future, Vera has a lot of golf-playing dreams.

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