B1 Plakati – CREATIVITY and pushing messages through a multitude of content has become an IMPERATIVE


Photo: B1 Plakati

Communication in the right time and place, together with fast and uninterrupted flow of information in times of crisis are more important than ever! 

The change in business models, life habits, priorities and consumer needs require strong, clear and continuous communication between producers and consumers. The rules that used to be valid yesterday are not valid today.
With new communication requirements, B1 media are becoming increasingly important in places where consumers are located and are relaxed when receiving new information.
Constant communication with consumers is necessary for the effective implementation ofnew business models of agile branding to avoid having an irrecoverable gap until the recovery phase. Brands need to be flexible and adapt to the situation in an authentic way. CREATIVITY and pushing messages through a multitude of content has become an IMPERATIVE!

B1 media can be used for different types of information:

  1. news about vessels and additional equipment with maintenance
  2. natural sights and locations to visit
  3. delicious food that is worth tasting
  4. availability of certain products and refreshments that are at hand.

Additionally, you can market a new business model in an innovative way.If the positive attitude of consumers towards the brand and their loyalty is not built through continuous communication, then why do we spend most of our advertising budgets on campaigns that have this purpose, and not the direct sale of promotional products? Of course, communication in times like these must be thoughtful andsteady. Under the current circumstances, we need to find ways to remind consumers that we are here with them and for them, that we can follow them even in difficult situations, that there is a world of peace and pleasure and that we will fight for this world together.

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