By: Martinija Bekavac, Executive Director


Stimulating innovation in the media scene through changes

B1 Plakati was started in 1998, at the time when high-quality and innovative communication channels were in short supply in the advertising market, and advertisers were looking for new ways of approaching clients. Having a clear vision helped the company founders to recognise the needs and opportunities that were emerging as new communication channels with the possibility to reach different target groups.

At the time we created several communication channels that had not existed before, such as health centres, pharmacies, public transport, business towers, educational institutions, and the beaches on the Croatian coast.

Over time, our company has grown along with our ideas and today we are proud to say that we have 48 permanent employees and 86 independent contractors in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. In Croatia and the surrounding countries, we provide our clients with access to over
35,000 advertising spaces.

B1 media spaces have many features that make them necessary in every portfolio. Some of the features include:

  • Sites targeting customers in places where they find themselves because of the very nature of the location
  • B1 media as content and advertising at the same time
  • They are functional (e.g. media on the beaches: changing cubicles, lifeguard towers, information boards with maps and facts and figures about the place)
  • Educational purposes (educational and health institutions, where useful socially responsible information can be communicated)
  • A high level of visibility and a high frequency of communication
  • Impact on customers in a particular psychological moment and the closeness of the points of sale

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