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In early 2018 a new team of people came to Ford with an important mission, to once again bring one of the world’s most important car brands back to the top. The first and crucial step was to establish a new and functional partner network in Croatia for all Ford customers and their needs. Special attention has been paid to the new concept of dealership based on Ford’s latest standards. Last year marked the opening of the first Ford Store in Zagreb, the most modern Ford showroom in the region, furbished according to the highest world standards. In the first half of this year Ford is working intensively on developing an important project for business customers, the details of which can be found at A refreshed Mondeo offers greater first-rate experience for the driver and passengers and features new elegant details in its exterior and interior design. One of Ford’s most important models is the Ford EcoSport, the most affordable and the only truly small SUV on the market. It has a dominant, robust appearance, while being extremely powerful and fuel-efficient at the same time.


Agata Bibić, the youngest team member in Ford’s marketing department, tells us about Ford’s big comeback and the brand rejuvenation strategy.

What do you consider Ford’s biggest achievement?

Focus holds the title of the 2019 Croatian Car of the Year, which proves that Ford has designed a car that has been recognised by the Croatian expert jury as the best compact in the class. In all comparative tests, the new Focus beat the former king of this class, the VW Golf.

What is new in 2019?

Apart from the new Focus, buyers are especially delighted with Ford Ranger, and this year we are going to present it in its even more spectacular edition – Ranger Raptor. Raptor is a full-blooded desert runner and an extreme-lifestyle SUV that works best in the most difficult conditions; it will make you forget everything you have ever known about pick-ups. Ford is also preparing a surprise in the future of mobility field, and the whole thing will be accompanied by the national #BePostive campaign and an incredible deal for the state-of-the-art small car – Ford Fiesta.

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