Member of the Management Board of ACI d.d. for Investment, Marketing and Retail Sale

Taking into account the substantial revenue and record-breaking business results we achieved in the previous year, we expect significant increase in business results in the coming period as well, not only as a result of the improvements that have been made in the range of services we offer, but also as a consequence of Croatia’s joining the Schengen area and entering the eurozone. In the next period, the company is ready to invest in improving the quality of services, business diversification and new acquisitions in order to maintain the position of the leading nautical company not only in the Adriatic but also in the Mediterranean, as well as to strengthen our brand at the European and global level.
In 2023, we will continue our efforts to achieve the goals we have set, which primarily means we will go on investing in our marinas, particularly regarding the construction of the future ACI Marina Rijeka. As the largest marina chain in the Mediterranean and the regional nautical tourism leader, we are on a mission to create a marina of the future, which will integrate and implement a product that will demonstrate the synergy of technological power, economic and ecological sustainability, and luxury – meeting, at the same time, the highest world standards.

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