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Fabric technologies

The English sailing brand MUSTO is known worldwide for its high-quality products and modern materials they are made of.

The UPF and UV protection

What is the UPF and UV protection? The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating indicates how many units of ultraviolet radiation a fabric blocks. This rating shows the level of protection from the sun, similar to the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating indicated on sunscreen.

The Ultraviolet (UV) protection indicates that clothing has protective properties against harmful UV rays.  Musto’s UV and UPF garments are also treated with the UV colour protection in order to keep the colour from fading as a result of exposure to UV radiation.

The products have three UPF grades:

  1. UPF 30 – Blocks 29 of 30 units of UV radiation when sun exposure is moderate.
  2. UPF 40 – Blocks 39 of 40 units of UV radiation when sun exposure is extended.
  3. UPF 50 – Blocks 49 of 50 units of UV radiation when sun exposure is high.

What are the benefits of the UPF and UV protection?

The clothing shields you from excessive exposure to harmful sun rays, protecting you from sunburn and, in turn, possible skin cancer.
PLEASE NOTE: UV protective garments are just one of many precautions you should take to protect yourself in cases of high UV exposure.

BR1 and BR2 technology

MUSTO BR1 and BR2 are fabrics (membranes) designed in MUSTO laboratories to provide maximum waterproofness and breathability. The waterproofness of BR1 and BR2 fabrics (membranes) is measured by constant exposure to water in a specific time period, without the outer fabric (membrane) leaking.

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