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The King of Zrće

Noa Beach Club is one of the most attractive, trendy and fun clubs on the entire Adriatic shore. Located above the water, it offers an epic view on the clash of the clear blue Adriatic Sea and grand Croatian mountains, in combination with a supreme music and entertainment experience. Noa offers a life perspective of summer pleasure as one of the best clubs in Europe.

The greatest heavyweights of the global DJ scene, a dance floor filled with gorgeous, young people from all around the world, crazy night parties and even crazier mornings, a frenzied team of naked torsos on after beach parties – that is all Zrće, the beach which made many a mother hold her head when her daughter or son announced that they were packing their suitcases and setting off towards Pag. In that entire commotion of fun, loud music, fast food stands, tattoo parlors and other wonders, one club stands out as the absolute queen of the beach – Noa Beach Club – a grandiose edifice, the only one located above the water. And while all other clubs have huddled in concrete buildings above the beach, club Noa leans over the sea, so you cannot miss it. As soon as you go down to the beach from the main road which leads to Novalja, your eye will catch Noa’s impressive entrance.

Fourteenth best club in the world

And the club did not just fall from the sky; much sweat and hard work has been invested in it since the very beginning, six years ago, when visionary Ivan Jokić, an entrepreneur who truly raises the bar, and his partner Zlatko Balaško, started their story with a tiny pontoon. Each following year, the club grew, first on one level, and then the upper gallery was built, and then the impressive stage which can put some of the best clubs of Ibiza and Miami to shame. As years passed, the appetites of bringing grand global DJ stars grew. Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Steve Aoki – world’s biggest music phenomena – and many others played in Noa. In their riders, they would ask for high-end visual and acoustic support. “No problem, we already have all of that,” was the reply of the people from Noa. Because, truly, the club was equipped according to the highest production standards in the world. It was not long after, just six years, that Noa went from the modest pontoon on the beach to the position of the fourteenth best club in the world according to Top DJ Mag, the most famous and relevant club magazine in the world.

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