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ACI Sail ClubSwan 36 Training Centre offers all sailing enthusiasts, both amateurs and professionals, a chance to improve their sailing abilities, push their own boundaries and find immense pleasure in this activity. In addition to our love of the sea, passion for sailing and a long sailing tradition, we bring you three key points that make ACI Sail a unique sailing centre of excellence


ACI proudly demonstrates its sailing excellence by selecting the finest sailors. Our greatest ‘weapon’ is expertise. Ivan Kljaković Gašpić, who manages the project, is one of the best Finn class sailors in the world; he has taken part in three Olympic Games campaigns and has won a number of medals in many world and European championships. In his career, Ivan has also had some opportunities to participate in top-notch projects such as Esimit Europe 2 or the America’s Cup campaign, where he took part as a member of the Green Comm Racing team. The head coach at ACI Sail is Tomislav Bašić, the current world champion in the ClubSwan 50 class and one of the best match race sailors in the world. He has shown his sailing skills in many races in the prestigious RC44 and TP52 classes, where he sailed against the best sailors in the world such as Russell Coutts, Dean Barker and many others. In addition to experienced sailors, the ACI Sail team also consists of experts on land who will take care of the logistics for you, from boat transport to rigging etc.

The most innovative sailing boats in the world, safe for sailing amateurs and enthusiasts

In sailing terms, ClubSwan 36 is a boat that completely changes the rules of the game. The cutting-edge design, the foiling technology – which is used in sailing boats that race in the famed America’s Cup – and admirable maritime characteristics have all resulted in the prestigious Innovation Award being awarded to the racer in this year’s European Yacht of the Year selection.

‘It is very important to highlight the fact that this sailing boat made by the reputable Finnish manufacturer is the first such boat to offer to total amateurs and ordinary people the pleasure of sailing that has so far been reserved only for a narrow circle of experienced professional sailors. ClubSwan 36 is a real sea equivalent to the sports car, a sailing version of a rocket, capable of speeds of over 20 knots, but it has nevertheless kept the user-friendly approach for absolutely everyone who is interested in sailing,’ explains Ivan Kljaković Gašpić, project manager.

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