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The Croatia Boat Show is once again among the 10 largest boat shows in the world

Eight thousand clients around the world have received letters and brochures about the boat show along with their invitation

In mid-April the Western Waterfront in Split puts on its glamorous outfit and, for a few days, becomes the centre of the region’s boating industry. The international Croatia Boat Show has become a recognisable brand in the boating industry and a must-visit event for all boatlovers and sailing enthusiasts at the start of the season. On its 20th anniversary, the 2018 Croatia Boat Show was back on the boat show calendar in grand style; now its founder and director Vicenco Blagaić aims to bring it back among the top ten events in the boating industry.

I’m never completely satisfied; things can always improve. I want the show to be better each year. This year my sales team and I created a database of clients from around the world. Approximately eight thousand prominent people have received letters and brochures about the boat show along with their invitation. At the same time we attended all the most important boat shows in the world: Cannes, Monte Carlo, Genoa, Düsseldorf, Miami, Istanbul, Dubai, etc. We had a strong presence on social networks. And we did it all with the aim of making the Split boat show grow. It is still not at the same level it was in its golden years; the 2008 crisis disrupted everything. Today, a positive change is felt. The boating sector is on the rise. The great financial resources that we, as organisers, invested in new marquees, floating pontoons and the entire technical part of the show, as well as the media campaign ensuring that the show was promoted and followed by the leading media, certainly contributed to both its quality and reputation. Apart from the celebratory boat parade, one separate part of the 2018 boat show was the luxury CBS Yacht Club. For our 21st year we have an additional and much larger barge with an area of almost three thousand square meters intended as the venue for the large X Republic Yacht Club and for a number of special events, explains Blagaić.

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