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ACI Marina Rijeka will be the largest investment in nautical tourism in Croatia thanks to the ACI – GITONE company

During its rich history, and due to its geographical location, Rijeka has developed as an important industrial centre and port in the Bay of Kvarner, while the imposing buildings and beautiful palaces testify to the maritime tradition and heritage of this Croatian jewel on the Adriatic.

Its beautiful location, good transport connections, favourable microclimate and stunning waters have contributed to Rijeka starting to show its nautical potential, as evidenced by the numerous yachts that have been increasingly visiting this part of the Croatian coast in recent years.
ACI, a company that sets new standards in boating, looks to the future both of the company and the wider community, planning to build a new port of nautical tourism with 260 berths in Kvarner, which will be designed to meet the requirements for megayachts and the needs of their owners, guests and crew, and will have the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the largest of boats.

The future ACI Marina Rijeka was granted concession by the Croatian Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Croatia on a maritime domain area of 105,897 square meters for a period of 30 years. The marina, which is one of the largest investments in Croatian nautical tourism, will offer berthing and accommodation for visitors on boats in the newly-constructed maritime facilities, and restaurant, commercial and many other services will be provided at the shoreside. It is important to emphasise that the marina will be open to all citizens, and the space that has so far been inaccessible and closed to the public will offer a number of amenities, opening Rijeka towards the sea. ACI Marina Rijeka will be an exclusive marina with the highest, five-anchor, rating, which will positively put Croatia on the world map of top nautical destinations.

The new beauty of Kvarner has great potential, and, with a clear direction of its development, it will take great steps forward in the sector in which the Adriatic coast has been recognised as an attractive destination. ACI Marina Rijeka will form an integral part of the environment in which it is situated, taking into account historical, cultural and architectural and urban heritage; and its look, location and facilities will place it among top Mediterranean destinations.

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