Croatia has got another regatta unique in that it is held on Prokljan Lake in the immediate vicinity of the Krka National Park

The Adriatic Sea is one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world, where hundreds of regattas are held every year. Professionals and amateurs, veterans and first-timers are united by the common challenges that sailing brings, and sportsmanship and respect for nature are just as important as good race results.
A few years ago, a regatta unique in that it is held on a lake close to the Krka National Park was added to the calendar of Croatian races. The Skradin Regatta takes place in early April on Prokljan Lake, where the Krka River meets the sea and the fresh and seawater mix.
Organised by the Kon Tiki Croatia Sailing Club and ACI, the regatta has given the city of Skradin an excellent opportunity to promote itself and present its diverse boating potential and the rich maritime tradition dating back to the ancient Romans, who moored their galleys here.

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