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The Zrno soli restaurant opened on 1 March 2011 and since then it has proudly been serving Croatian cuisine, prepared in a special way. It is situated in Split’s ACI marina, on the first floor, from where there is a beautiful million-dollar view of the 1700-year-old city of Split. Radiating elegance and warmth, it makes the time slow down with the calmness and simplicity of the well-known Dalmatian notion of “taking your time”.

Here, on the seafront, you will enjoy long summer nights and the warm rhapsody of winter, with a host of moored sailing boats and the clear Adriatic Sea in front of you.

In its first year, the Zrno soli restaurant had already become well-known, and for several years now it has been a top destination restaurant for all those who live in Split, pass through it or come to visit. Many famous visitors have eaten in the Zrno soli; many have come again and have become the friends of the house. Some of them are: the Danish Queen, the Thai princess, Guns N’ Roses, the FC Barcelona managing board, various prime ministers, presidents, show business personalities and many others. The restaurant has been showered with compliments on social media on account of the food, the staff and the unique experience provided by the exceptional atmosphere of the ACI Marina, Split’s sea gem.

From the idea to the founding of the Zrno soli, Ivo Vrdoljak, its owner, followed the principle that the main goal of every gastronomic project – to which the Zrno soli is no exception – is to please and entertain, i.e. satisfy each guest’s need. Great attention is paid to the food (fish is always fresh, local produce is used, and there is always something new on the menu) and service. Ingredients must always be fresh, locally-grown and prepared in a way that makes sure the food will retain all its nutritional values.

The name of the restaurant, Zrno soli (lit. grain of salt), does not only refer to salt as a type of seasoning, but also has a deeper meaning: salt is everywhere around us, salt is life; it is even mentioned in the Book of Matthew, and the way of life connected to the sea is also connected to salt.

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