Božo Skoko – strategic comunication of states


Photo: Božo Skoko

Strategic communication of states on the international stage is extremely important, and over the years it has developed into a rather complex area and one of the primary skills of modern governments.

In the 21st century, it is no longer the population or the size of the country that matters, but the soft power of the state, that is, the power of charisma, its values, contributions, communication and the stories it emits. After all, in Europe, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Estonia have less territory than Croatia…, but they are listened to and respected because they have something to say. Successful countries communicate with the world on a daily basis through their political moves, products, culture, tourist destinations, sports, lifestyles, gastronomy, symbols… The messages they send speak of their identity, values, aspirations, achievements and abilities. Thus, they consciously and unconsciously build their image in the global public, which is then reflected in the level of their recognizability and position in the globalized world, as well as political and economic successes. Countries with a better image, ie better communicators in international relations, find it easier to get investments, tourists, talented immigrants, respect on the political stage… And finally, if we do not become a subject and if we do not tell a story about ourselves, we will be an object for others , and their story about us could become relevant, even if it was ill-intentioned.

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